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We know that medical bills and lost wages can feel overwhelming. Our office is committed to helping injured people. We aggressively work toward getting you the maximum compensation available.Our office has extensive experience in a number of areas, including:

  • Spinal Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Products Liability
  • Automobile / Motorcyle Accidents

You pay nothing unless we recover compensation on your behalf

Your consultation is free. Our fees are based on the success of your case. You pay us nothing unless we recover compensation for you.


 Often times, opposing parties and their attorneys will use your social media accounts against you. It is for that reason, we at CHATTAH LAW GROUP have our SEVEN CARDINAL RULES of social media we recommend to all our Clients:

1.       Check your privacy settings and make your personal information and posts private

2.       Don’t join groups with names or discussions which can compromise your case

3.       On Facebook, remove yourself from showing up in Google search results. Go to your privacy settings page and uncheck the box under Public Search Listing.

4.       Set up filters for all your pictures. Be mindful of the pictures that you are uploading on social media. Allow only friends to see your photo albums. Also, on Facebook, select “Only Me” for people who can view your tagged photos.

5.       Only accept friend requests from people you know personally. The opposing party, their attorney, or a secretary/staff member at the lawyer’s office may send you a friend request hoping to gain access to your personal information.

6.       Keep your case private. Don’t post or discuss your case, injuries, or activities which may be construed against you. Ask your friends not to ask you about your case or discuss your case on social media at all.

Make your social media profile as private as possible. Utilize all recommendations from the social media platforms to keep your profile as private as possible. 

The Process in which we resolve a personal injury case is detailed so that you understand that extent of the work that our lawyers engage in on your behalf:

1)      THE ACCIDENT: Whether it is a motor vehicle accident or an injury that occurred on a property, the first step is assessment of the injury, and any emergency medical attention that is required.

2)      RETAINING AN ATTORNEY:  The most important assessment to retaining an attorney is the comfort level you have with the attorney. Remember, skill set, competence and ability to litigate the merits of your case should all be factors in determining whether you chose the right attorney. Don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer 1) How many cases have you tried? 2) How often do you settle before trial? How long have you been practicing in Nevada?  Many attorneys do not litigate and farm out your case if the insurance carrier does not settle.

3)      BEGINNING TREATMENT: Once non-emergent injuries are assessed, you will likely have to receive treatment for injuries sustained in the accident. It is important that you follow your Doctor’s recommendations and complete all treatments recommended. Adverse insurance companies will try to invalidate the course of treatments your doctors recommend to minimize any recovery you deserve.

4)      NEGOTIATION: Once you are discharged from your doctor’s care, our attorneys will submit a demand letter with all medical records to begin negotiation with the adverse insurance companies to negotiate a settlement. Many times, the adverse insurance companies will offer very low settlement amounts to resolve your claim. When this happens, CHATTAH LAW GROUP automatically files a lawsuit against the adverse party to recover the maximum amounts on your behalf.

5)      LITIGATION: At CHATTAH LAW GROUP, we aggressively litigate all personal injury actions and DO NOT FARM out your case to another law firm. In the litigation phase of your claim, we will conduct discovery, take the adverse party’s deposition and will try the case with a jury and/or arbitrator. Your participation in this process is crucial for a maximum resolution of your case.

6)      DISTRIBUTION: Once the case is arbitrated or tried, you will receive a Judgment, which you will be collected directly from the adverse insurance company. All medical providers will be paid, you will be compensated and all attorney’s fees will be paid by the judgment proceeds. 

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